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This is a most versatile application. Some of the things that can be connected are:

  • Level switches
  • Proximity switches
  • PIR movement detectors for intruder security
  • Door opening contacts
  • ...and many more

The applications are limited only by your imagination.


 You will need:



A Base Unit - Each base unit

holds 12 connections to PODs

(can be expanded to 48 PODs).






Switch POD - One POD for each switch device used. These connect the devices to the Base Unit.





 Any device that can make or break a contact e.g. float switch, contact, PIR sensor, etc.





Available now



You can configure any switch connection to have a built-in delay.  So, for example, if a 5 minute contact time is normal, you can set an alarm limit of 6 minutes to receive an Alert when there is a malfunction.