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The regulation of pH is a widespread activity whether it is in a chemical process, food manufacture, water treatment or effluent disposal.


By connecting a pH electrode to a pH pod, and inserting the Pod into a vacant space in a Base Unit users of the General Alert system can be Alerted to any variance away from the chosen pH range down to the nearest 1/100 pH unit if so desired.


By opting for a Daily Data Report users can have a complete record of hourly pH measurements take over 24-hours each day. This can then become a permanent record accessible to anyone who has permission to login to the user's General Alert account by Username and Password. The use of this graphically represented record can be an invaluable tool to prove compliance and conformity.


For pH dosing equipment for the regulation of pH in tanks and water flows, please visit our colleagues at Dosing Solutions Ltd.


 You will need:



A Base Unit - Each base unit

holds 12 connections to PODs

(can be expanded to 48 PODs).




pH POD - One POD for each pH electrode used. These connect the electrodes to the Base Unit.



pH electrode - One electrode for each point where you need current data.







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