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Now available as of May 2014.  


Oxygen Reduction Potential reading (ORP) are inportant in many industries including the water treatment industry. 


The following is taken from Wikipedia:


Oxidation reduction potential (ORP) can be used for water system monitoring with the benefit of a single-value measure of the disinfection potential, showing the activity of the disinfectant rather than the applied dose.[1] For example, E. coliSalmonellaListeria and other pathogens have survival times of under 30 s when the ORP is above 665 mV, compared against >300 s when it is below 485 mV.[1]

A study was conducted comparing traditional parts per million chlorination reading and ORP in Hennepin County, Minnesota. The results of this study argue for the inclusion of ORP above 650mV in local health codes.



You will need:



A Base Unit - Each base unit

holds 12 connections to PODs

(can be expanded to 48 PODs).




ORP POD - One POD for each ORP electrode used. These connect the electrodes to the Base Unit.



ORP Electrode - One ORP electrode for each point where you need data.







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