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As a General Alert registered user, you might receive the above as an SMS on your mobile phone.


The meaning of the message would be - You have a flow sensor installed in a pipe that you have labelled as "Main Inlet", you have connected that to a Pod with Serial Number 216 in the General Alert Base Unit, at the present time of day you are expecting a maximum water flow of 250 litres (or gallons) per hour, within the last few seconds a flow of 3449 litres per hour has been detected, and you have a major problem.


However, knowing about a problem immediately that it arises means that you can take prompt action. A burst pipe running for 1 minute will do far less damage (and cost less to clear up) than one that runs freely until the staff return to work on Monday morning to find the place flooded.


For dosing products into water lines or tanks please visit our colleagues at Dosing Solutions Ltd.


 You will need:



A Base Unit - Each base unit

holds 12 connections to PODs

(can be expanded to 48 PODs).





Flow POD - One POD for each

flow sensor used. These connect the sensors to the Base Unit.






Flow sensor - One flow sensor for each point where you need flow data.







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