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Electric Power

The General Alert system will automatically raise an Alert if the power supply to the Base Unit is cut. Although there is a back-up battery installed to keep the unit running, it is important to know that a cut in the power supply has taken place.


Extra Electric Power PODs can be added to detect power cuts in various areas of your site. These can be set to let you know as soon as there is a power cut, and also when power is resumed. Of course, generators can also be monitored to ensure they perform correctly and in a timely fashion.  Knowing about a power failure to a refrigerator within seconds of that event happening, might save the valuable contents of that refrigerator from damage.


Using power transducers will enable you to monitor power usage in kWh, and receive Alerts when current usgae is dangerously high.  Three phase fuses can be expensive to replace.



 You will need:



A Base Unit - Each base unit

holds 12 connections to PODs

(can be expanded to 48 PODs).





Analogue POD - One POD for each

transducer used. These connect the transducers to the Base Unit.






Transducers - One transducer for each point where you need current data.







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