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Wireless (Radio)

Long runs of cables can be time consuming and expensive to install. So whilst many sensors can be connected over long distances by cable, it can sometimes be worthwhile to use a radio connection.


We offer two strengths of wireless signal - 0.5 km radius and 4 km radius.


It is necessary to ensure a clear line-of-sight between the radio aerials attached to transceivers. This may mean using masts to gain line-of-sight over building or other obstacles.


There are two parts to the radio link - A transceiver that is pre-installed in the Primary Base Unit, (can be retro-fitted by Distributors later if required), and a further transceiver fitted into an Extension Base Unit.


More than one Extension Base Unit can be fitted with a radio transceiver if required, although the total number of Pods that can be operated by one Control Board is 48.