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A Pod is the small, credit card sized board that is the interface between a sensor and the General Alert Base Unit.


The Pod system has been devised to offer a simple yet incredibly powerful method of connecting any sensor to the communications package that is operated within the Primary Base Unit.


There is a high level of intelligence built into each Pod. Two examples illustrate this:

A switch pod
  • The pH Pod - This Pod has a BNC connection for a pH electrode. Once connected, the user can calibrate the electrode via the main control screen of the Base Unit, set an Alarm to indicate a variance over the desired limit, record an hourly pH level for daily uploading to the web, and all to an accuracy of 1/100 of a pH unit.
  • The Relay Pod - This Pod can, amongst other things, perform a watching brief on working machinery. If a piece of equipment (pump, auger, conveyor, heater etc.) normally runs for a known period of time (say 4 minutes), a delay can be set via the control screen of the Base unit to send an Alert if the equipment is still operating at 1 second past the 4 minutes. The equipment over-run may be caused by many things including lack of product supply, burst water pipe, faulty thermostat etc. But in all cases, knowing there is an over-run can save time and consequential expense.

Every application has a recommended Pod. All Pods have a uniform style and fitting routine. Sensors are wired directly to the Pod, and the Pod is pushed into any vacant slot in the Base Unit. Instructions are provided for the individual electronic acceptance of each Pod into the Base Unit system, and for syncing with the Web.