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Base Units

The Primary Base Unit is the on-site control box for the whole General Alert system.


The function of the Base Unit is to house 12, 24, 36 or 48 Pods, and to manage all communication between installed Pods and the Web. Installing a Base Unit is the first step to enjoying all of the benefits that the General Alert system offers.


Once you have set up your Account, you will be able to select the size of Base Unit you need, and the style of communications options that are available:


Size of Base Unit:

  • The Primary Base Unit contains the Control Board, the control screen and a Back Plane with sockets to take a maximum of 12 Pods.
  • Extension Base Units each have space for a further 12 Pods. These can be linked to the Primary Base Unit The maximum number of Pods that can be controlled by one Control Board is 48. Any Pods linked by Wireless need to be included in the 48 total.

Communications Options:

  • A Primary Base Unit can be supplied with a Wireless transceiver pre-installed with a range of either 0.5km or 4km. Coupled with an Extension Base Unit fitted with a similar transceiver, data can be monitored at a great distance from the Primary Base Unit without the need for long cables.
  • Primary Base Units will normally be fitted with a mobile phone modem containing a SIM card. Any Alerts raised and Daily Data Reports generated will be sent by SMS via the phone modem.
  • We are planning to offer an ethernet option as a pre-installed item in the Primary Base Unit. This would allow more frequent communications between the Base Unit and the Web.