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The Alert

'Main Line Inlet - flow' (F0000216). Alert: Flow = 3445 on alarm 1. (Normal = 250)


Alert SMSs on phone

As a subscriber to the General Alert system, you may receive this as an SMS message. The meaning would be - you have a flow sensor connected to Pod with serial number 216, you have called that sensor "Main Line Inlet", within the last few seconds the Pod has detected that the flow of water is 3445 litres (or gallons) per hour, you have set a maximum expected flow of 250 litres per hour for this particular time of day, and you have a serious problem.


Receiving an Alert indicating a critical event has taken place in good time means that the situation can be rectified rapidly, and losses minimised.


All Pods can have up to six different Alarms set. These alarms can cover different times of day, different values, maximum or minimum normal values, and different people to be contacted depending on the nature of the Alert. Alarms are set on the web pages accessed using Account Name and Password from the Home Page