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Account Membership Types

Account Holder

This is the highest level of access to the General Alert system.


The Account Holder is a single person, who is responsible for signing contractual agreements with General Alert Ltd. Other responsibilities are to make credit card payments (or alternative payments as agreed from time to time) for the operation of the General Alert system. The Account Holder has full access to all areas of the General Alert system as applicable to his account and accessed by Username and Password.


The Account Holder can designate the status of other individuals who he wants to have access to his General Alert system.

Super User

There can be a number of Super Users on any Account.


Super Users have full access to all sections of the Account’s site, and can make adjustments to all setting including Account Members, alarms and methods of notification of Alerts.


Users can have access to the Account pages of the General Alert system, but they are not able to make any changes to Alarm settings, Account Members, etc.