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Overview of the General Alert System

What is it?

It is a system to monitor any physical activity that can be sensed, e.g. water flow, temperature, humidity, pH etc. Users can then configure settings on www.general-alert.com so that logged data can be viewed as graphs, and alarm levels can be set. When alarm levels are reached, SMS messages are sent to a user defined contact list.

Overview of the GA system.

How Does General Alert Work?

All sensors (maximum 48 of any type) are connected to a Base Unit box by cable or radio. Data is collected, and then transmitted by SMS or internet to www.general-alert.com for processing. Alerts are sent to users' mobile phones or land lines within seconds of an event being detected.

Who Can Use General Alert?

The system is extremely broad in its scope. There are good reasons for having on-line data logging and alerting within very large organizations in all industrial sectors, as well as for a single door in a remote location.


The uses for General Alert are only limited by the imagination.