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About General Alert

The need for a broad based logging, monitoring and alerting system became apparent when we were working with dosing pumps. A burst water pipe causes a great deal of damage, and we were asked if there was a way that our customers could be told when an event like this had happened.


What also became apparent over the last few years of development of the General Alert system was that there are critical events that happen with other parameters like temperature, pH, electric power failure, chlorine levels and many more.


The small team of people that has developed the General Alert equipment, electronics, firmware and web functionality have built a system that is the most versatile, easy-to-use and powerful of any available on the market today. Development work will continue to expand the applications and systems associated with General Alert , and to ensure that the benefits can be enjoyed by every sector of every industrial area worldwide.


General Alert is a division of Dosing Solutions Ltd.