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Monitoring, Logging and Alerting Made Easy

Welcome to the first true multi platform alert and recording system.


If a critical event has occurred, it is better to know about it sooner rather than later - whether it is a temperature that is too high, a door opening, lack of oxygen, a power failure or a pH that is too low. The General Alert system can provide a cost-effective solution.




If something can be sensed, General Alert has either developed, or will shortly be developing, an Application for that sensor. Whatever the sensor, and whether you need to be Alerted to a critical event or purely Log data from sensors (see graph below), simply connect the sensor to a Pod and insert the pod into the Base Unit.





After synchronising the Pod with the Web with a single button press, you are free to set Alarm limits, choose who will receive the Alerts, and in what form you would like the Alerts to be sent. 


Last updated 21 September 2017